I can’t believe it! We made it to 35 weeks! This kiddo is nearly fully cooked. There is this funny milestone at 35 weeks. You are 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days until your due date, so you are 35/35! All of these silly things that I am just so thrilled to be reaching.

So where are we in our preparations? Well, we were taking it slow until a friend in our Jewish Baby University class delivered 6 weeks early… she was due the day after us!!!!! That put us in fast forward. Dan has been cleaning up his projects and I have been washing and organizing baby things. The one outstanding issue is the car seat. We choose the UppaBaby system based on very positive reviews from experts and people we know. We received the whole stroller set as a (very generous) gift from the Haykins and the bassinet that comes with it will be Baby Haykin’s bed until he can sleep through the night. Now we needed the “Mesa” car seat.

My folks offered to purchase the car seat for us so my mom and I went to the store… only to find it gone. We went online… not one available! What is GOING ON!? Too much stress for me! It turns out that they discontinued the old one because they were launching a new one… except, the new version was delayed. Well… this guy is planning on showing up in June (G-d willing) and we can’t wait for the new one to be released. So I went on an online hunt. I found literally ONE seat left in (what felt like) the world. So we bought it (wrong color but at this point, who cares). The next day we get a call from the place where we purchased it, Stroller Depot, to let us know they actually don’t have one. AHHHH!!!! But the very nice guy on the phone said he had just taken one out of the box and would be happy to give it to us since we are all located in Colorado and he can’t ship it.

So we are headed down there this week to get ourselves an infant car seat! WHEW! I know it’s not the end of the world but I was looking to steer clear of buying adapters and such.

Now all we have to do it pack bags for the hospital, sterilize some bottles, and wait for little man to arrive!


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