61 Days Until The Wedding!

61 Days Until The Wedding!

I just can’t believe how fast time is moving! We are two months away from the wedding and we are trucking!

Last week, we booked our photographer. They look amazing! Very nice husband and wife couple who run the business Dox Photo. You should check out their blog here – www.doxphoto.com/blog. We are so excited to have them shoot our wedding day. It was a nerve wracking experience to choose a photographer. These are possibly the most important pictures of my life! It was very reassuring when Khala (the wife) told us about her wedding photographer… she mentioned that it wasn’t the best experience and that the woman missed most of the details of the day. Subsequently, she makes an extra effort to catch everything that she wishes she had from her own wedding! While I totally feel for her, I am so thankful that she is committed to the details.

We also have contracted with our florist. I have had two meetings with Paula at Newberry Brothers about our flowers. She is a delight to work with, very creative, and understands our budget restraints. Since our colors are navy blue and yellow, we have some really fun options for our flowers. I don’t want to give it all away but expect to see yellow roses (Talia’s favorite flower since she was little), some tulips, blue hyacinths, and other fun flowers. She is also bringing the chuppah for us. It’s made from grape vines which is a nice tie in for us.

All in all, we are going for an indoor garden party feel. We know, we need to get those invitations out ASAP and we promise we will but we just want to head over to the Grand Hyatt for a tasting of the meal. They are not hosting our guests but will be providing catering at our wedding venue. They do amazing work and Marta is an invaluable resource.

Just so everyone knows, because this is a Jewish event, we had to make some choices regarding the Kosher status of the food. We have decided that our special day will be all dairy and fish, allowing more of our friends and family to eat the meal and we will have special Glatt Kosher meals provided to those who need them. Please let us know when you send back the RSVP card that you need a Glatt Kosher meal. The event will be Kosher-style and all dairy. But this means we will have a dairy wedding cake and who doesn’t prefer butter-cream frosting to some margarine imposter? 🙂

We are this ___ close to booking a band and then, I think, all the major details are done! We can’t wait to celebrate with you on March 10 but more than anything, we can’t wait to start our new lives as husband and wife and celebrate every day with all of our friends and family, beyond the wedding guest list!


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