A culinary decision

Our wedding is in 18 days. 18 DAYS I SAY! I can’t believe how soon that is.

We have planned our wedding relatively fast. One of my brother’s best friends from elementary school used to work for the Knot.com… when I told her we were getting married in 5 1/2 months she was shocked and then proceeded to tell me that the average engagement these days is one year. ONE YEAR! Oy! Anyway, we held our invitations back until we made final decisions on our meal at the wedding. We wanted to give more detailed choices and I am glad I listened to Dan’s urging to wait. We ended up going a different route completely than I had anticipated. That being said…

Drum roll please…

Cow and FishWe are having a dairy wedding. While I am sure some of you totally understand that sentence, I am sure many of you don’t. Let  me explain.

Dan and I keep kosher. We don’t mix milk and meat, we don’t eat shellfish, we don’t eat pork… anymore. We had our last traif hurrah and now none of that is on the menu. Honestly, we pretty much kept kosher the whole time we knew each other other deciding to start our lives together and build a Jewish home together, we decided there was no wiggle room. We would have a last day for traif and that was it. Anywho, we had to make a decision for our wedding. We could have a fully kosher meal, with kosher protein. That means the cake would have NO dairy in it (aka fake icing and no butter). Everything we serve would either be meat based or have no dairy in it. This would double the price for our catering, we would have had to cut back our guest list even further and to add “insult” to “injury” we could not serve the delicious wine and booze we want to. It would have to be kosher wine and only liquor that is kosher as well (no sherry casks for the scotch). There would be someone on site monitoring everything and it seemed rather… limiting.

After much discussion, we chose to go the path of a dairy meal. Yes our guests would have to forgo the traditional steak or chicken but we could offer them a much more exciting meal with more food and more options. We could also then have a delicious dairy cake with buttercream frosting and the most delicious wine and booze we could buy. This also enables our kosher keeping guests to have the fish or pasta option OR if that doesn’t work for them (because there is no kosher supervision) we will order a special glatt kosher meal for them from the kosher deli.

Additionally, it allowed us to give  further options to our guests. Instead of a meat and a vegetarian dish, we offered a lovely fish dish and two pastas! If I may say so myself, all of the food is amazing.

The fact of the matter is this, we are so excited to celebrate with our family and friends and we wanted to provide the nicest meal we could. In this case, that meant offering fish and dairy in abundance. I know it is different than usual, but we hope that our friends are coming to celebrate with us… not just to eat the food.


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