A Mother’s Plea

I have been thinking about a new blog for a while. Looking for inspiration around me… I have been working long hours, been exhausted, and have been sick. Then I came across this blog, this plea. This woman’s daughter moved to Israel at 15 because she felt so passionate about living in her spiritual homeland. She left her family at a young age with little Hebrew knowledge to live in a foreign country. She then served in the Israeli army as a Lone Soldier (meaning she had no family in the country she was willing to die for). She chose to be in a tough combat unit.

Then tragedy struck. She was hit by a car a developed a horrible disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. So clearly, her mother needs to go to Israel to be with her daughter. Unfortunately, her husband (the girl’s father) is unemployed and working on getting disability through the VA. This mother will lose at least two months pay, if not her job, to go and be with her suffering daughter. S0me of you may know this and some may not but plane tickets to Israel are currently sitting around $1400 round trip. That is just the flight alone. Not food when she is there or anything else. She has reluctantly brought her situation to the web and is asking for help.

This story really moved me. I have several friends serving as Lone Soldiers in Israel and my G-dbrothers have both served (one is currently serving) in the Israeli Army. No child should suffer without their mom if possible. So I ask you, please follow this link – Emergency Visit To Israel to read more about this situation and to donate. She is taking donation through PayPal and the link is just a little under the search box. $5, $15, $50, $500 everything helps.

Thanks readers!



  1. I just saw your blog and the post you wrote to help my mother reach me. I started crying and for the first time it wasn’t because of the pain. I will keep this short as it is difficult for me to focus while I’m on my medications. But i wanted to thank you for your help. It means more than the world to me. I cant thank everyone who is helping me and its difficult for me to type or speak for too long or all together sometimes. But you cant begin to imagine how touched and moved I am bye the kindness you and many others have shown me and my family. And its because of all your help that i will fight even harder to be healthy again 🙂 So again thank you!
    My deepest regards,
    Nechama Zipper

    • Oh Nechama, it is my pleasure. Your story really touched me and who wouldn’t want their mommy when they are in so much pain!

      Know that we are all behind you, helping you, pushing you, and praying for you to be healthy again. Anything I can do to help? Just let me know! Someone from the Lone Soldiers Center will be getting in touch with you, they contacted me for your information! You have tons of people who love and support you!

      Refuah Shlema!

  2. You have already helped me so much. I have a blog about how I’m doing if you want to stay informed. Its devoted completely to my battle with RSD. fightrsd.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you, thank you so much for your publicizing my story of this terrible tragedy by writing about it, and supporting me in my efforts to help my daughter in Israel.
    I have more information on this frightening disease on my blog.

    I also have a link there to my daughter’s blog as well. May G-d grant you His Blessings, Amen.

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