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Judaism, PR & Marketing

New Job!

I started a new job today at It is a comparative religion website with a social interaction aspect. I highly recommend checking this site out. It hasn’t fully launched...

April 20, 2009

Kids are funny

Sorry that it’s been a long time… life got REALLY busy! Okay so, I have these awesome friends. They live down the street and their daughters go to ballet at...

April 12, 2009
Pop Culture, PR & Marketing

The Twitter Revolution

Well, it has officially happened. Twitter has taken over the world. In the past week, I have had 10 friends join twitter who were anti-tweet before. Why the change? Why...

March 17, 2009
Family, Judaism

A blog from my father on Purim

My father wrote a facinating blog on Purim. Please check it out here – Rocky Mountain Hai: An open letter to my dear friend on Purim, slaughter and moderation “Our...

March 10, 2009

G-d’s Grand Gestures

Or should I say Grand… like Grand Pas or Grand Pas d’action… meaning big or large step. A Grand Pas d’action is a large step that contributes to the story...

March 06, 2009
History, Pop Culture

Basil Rathbone… my hero

Okay, so I posted in February how I am in love with Sherlock Holmes and recently ordered some old DVDs (Rathbone and Bruce from the 40’s and Jeremy Brett from...

March 02, 2009


Okay! I think that a birthday is more than just a day. I like to celebrate a birthday month. Not for presents or anything but it just gives me a...

March 02, 2009
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