Back from the Holy Land

Okay… I get the point… I stink… I am sorry. I have been back to America for 20 days and to Colorado for just over two weeks and I haven’t posted a blog. Very not cool of me.

But you see, I have been so overwhelmed with this reentry/transition back to my regularly scheduled life… It was like I froze Talia and took a trip in an alternate universe. Now I’ve come back to find out that the world has moved on but not only was regular Talia frozen, she has this added wealth of knowledge and perspective.

I have been putting off writing for a while now. Even before I left. I found some excuse (usually relating to being exhausted or too busy) to not force myself to face the experience I just came home from or the special people I left in Israel.

And I guess I am going to put it off again. Not indefinitely, in fact, I am working on it right now… but the more I think about it, the more thought it will take  to write. Not one of my usual off the cuff blogs. And then this blog will undergo a renewal, back to my odd eclectic self of social media and Jewish ideas. With some Sherlock Holmes tossed in for good measure.

But I felt I owed it to you all, my blog readers and fans, to tell you where I am and why I have been so noticeably absent. I promise to rectify that very soon!

Thanks for sticking around!