Compassion For Those Who Have Suffered A Miscarriage

Compassion For Those Who Have Suffered A Miscarriage

I recently wrote an article for Mayim Bialik’s GrokNation about miscarriage for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I crowd sourced the topic, feeling like it had been done so much lately but I found that there were several topics still to touch on. This was one of them… How to express your love and compassion for a friend who has experienced a loss… from someone who has heard it all! Click here to read it at GrokNation.

Between April 2014 and September 2014, I had been pregnant three times. The first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage, the first at 7 weeks and the second at 12. At that point I was diagnosed with recurrent miscarriages and we were able to test the second baby. She was a little girl who had Turner’s Syndrome. On Mother’s Day in 2014, I came out to the world that I had a miscarriage by writing about it in my blog and on Facebook: the moment I went public, I became a resource of sorts for other women (and men) who have experienced the loss of a baby (both in utero or shortly after birth).

The studies about miscarriages are relatively small, so the risk factors aren’t always clear. Read more


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