Dan’s Wedding Gift

So there is a tradition, which evidently a lot of people haven’t heard about. I always knew that the bride and groom get each other gifts on their wedding day. Jewelry, cufflinks, flask, etc…

I have been planning, nearly from the minute we started planning this wedding, to get Dan special cufflinks for the wedding. I knew exactly how I wanted them designed and how I wanted them to look… no, I will not tell you, it is a surprise!

But of course, they do not exist. Even though the design is not that unique, not one person (that I can find online) has made them as cufflinks.


But I don’t give up that easily.

So I Googled and Googled.

Still nothing.

You see, I had hit the trifecta of hard to find. I wanted:

  1. Fixed back
  2. Hebrew
  3. Unique design

Chirp, chirp, chirp… nothing on the internet. I was starting to worry… would I have to settle for less than perfect here?

In the final stages of my despair, I started Googling anything I could. Then this image of beautiful custom Hebrew monogram cufflinks popped up.

Custom Hebrew monogram cufflinks Gabriel Prero

I knew I must find this designer. Immediately. I googled his name, Gabriel Prero and found his website – www.prero.com and his ShapeWays storefront – CuffJunk.

I immediately contacted him and we are working together to create the perfect gift for Dan… I can’t wait to give them to him… or rather, to have my brother Ronin give them to him. πŸ™‚


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