Dear Egypt

Dear Egypt:

Please stop looting your museums and for goodness sake, DON’T destroy your pyramids or the store-cities of Pithom and Ra’amses. We refuse to rebuild.

The Jews

P.S. Great-Grandpa Moshe wants us to remind you that it was only through the good grace of God that we stopped at the number ’10.’ Don’t get any funny ideas about real estate to the east…

It’s been all over Facebook and Twitter but I had to include it here. Look, it’s a funny joke but Israel is really in an awkward spot here. On one hand, we can take in the people who are getting beaten by the government and help protect them but on the other hand, this government was the only one who sought peace with Israel. How do we keep our southern ally and help the people?



  1. A good way to start Adar, with a joyful laugh!

    As an American it’s tempting to think we should push our sense of democracy on others, ousting seemingly bad men who fix rigged elections and oppress their nation. But as a Jew I can’t help but be somewhat grateful to Mubarek for keeping the peace treaty solid all these years, no small feat for a large Arab nation. Further, the increasingly likely prospect of his leadership crumbling is frightening, because the people might very well might elect leaders like the Moslem Brotherhood who aren’t shy about seeking to destroy the peace treaty!

    Nu, as long as we remember where our true Security lies, and as we experienced miracles for our people during those days at this time (Adar and Nissan), so too now!

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