Do I, Can I, Should Anyone Believe In Love?

Do I, Can I, Should Anyone Believe In Love?

I was asked to write a piece (under 300 words) using the title as a jumping off point. Here’s what I came up with, tell me your thoughts…

Do I, Can I, Should Anyone Believe In Love?

What is love. It’s not a question. Rather it is a reminder. Love is not what we see online or what Victoria’s Secret sells us. Love is illusive, ever-changing, a living breathing entity.

When I was a child, I didn’t think much about love. I loved, yes, but there wasn’t a thought behind it. I loved those in my life and they loved me back. I felt it in the warmth of their gaze.

As I got older there was the fairytale love. The deep and all encompassing, emotional, even post-coital ‘you just made me feel so warm and good’ love. But that kind of love burns hot and fast and soon is out.

Only as of late have I looked at love as an investment. Not an instant gift with purchase. It’s more like layaway or buying a car. You put a deposit in the bank. You may not love them at first sight. You may not love them when they annoy you or leave the toilet seat up or nag you to death… but that is when you make a withdrawal from the account. And every time they kiss you on the forehead so sweetly or remember to buy your favorite cookie or let you take pictures of them when they really aren’t into the mood… that’s when you make the deposit.

I don’t know about love at first sight… but I do believe in the bank of love. And I am still looking for a co-signer on my account.

So what are your thoughts? Love at first sight? Should you even believe in love?



  1. i want to know love exists – i see it through family & friends, but it is hard to tell and believe that there is someone out there – your soulmate waiting for you. it’s hard to keep going and searching through the millions when your not even sure you will ever find the man of your dreams.

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