Eggs at the Coffee Table

Eggs at the Coffee Table

I was having rough morning. Who am I kidding… I had been having a rough couple of weeks. Nugget has been cutting two top teeth and two top molars for what feels like 52 years. It’s been a drooling, crying, waking up at 3am nightmare around this house. But Sunday was bad. I woke up after not much sleep with a crick in my neck so painful that I couldn’t move my head. Uh great. That’s super helpful when you are the only parent on that day and have a 23 pound wiggly toddler for which to care.

Magically that moment my mom called. I kvetched and complained and she told me that I just needed to go with the flow, that day especially. We were FaceTiming and nugget was refusing to eat the egg I cooked for him for breakfast. She said, “get him something you know he will eat.” When he refused to eat even his favorite Mini Club Crackers, she said “eh, don’t worry about it! Try again later. In fact, put it on a plate on the coffee table and let him graze.”

And you know what? She was right. My mommy was right. She reminded me that no matter my agenda for my toddler, to some extent he is going to make his own and while I can fight the good fight most days, some days I get to just go with the flow.

So I put our EzPz mini mat on the coffee table, loaded it up with scrambled eggs and some crackers, got him a sippy of milk and made a nice buffet for him. We decided that THAT DAY, eating wasn’t going to be a struggle and it wasn’t. Low and behold, he came over and started grazing. Not how I want every meal to go but it worked! We had a nice flow that morning and when he went down for his first nap, I was able to take a nice steam shower (another mommy recommendation… instead of washing the dishes or doing laundry) which helped my neck tremendously.

I guess what I am trying to say is… every now and then we need our mommy to remind us that it’s ok to eat eggs at the coffee table. 🙂


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