Ever Been Threatened On Your Blog?

Add me to that list. Last year I wrote about a dubious email I received from a Matthew T. Keener of CMO Summits.  You can read the blog post in full here – Marketing Directors Targeted in Scam|Spam. I wrote about how when I tried to learn more about this potential professional development opportunity I hit one road block after another which made me curious about this organization. In the end, I wrote that others had branded this a scam, the IP addresses and emails were marked as spam and though they may be legitimate businesses, their practices made them appear to be scams.

Last week I received this email.

From: Michael Price
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2013 2:58 AM
Subject: Talia, immediate request.

Talia, I am one of the principals at BizSummits and just became aware of your libelous blog about us and our CMO Summit which you refer to as a “scam” and “scammers”. We are certainly not, I am shocked by what you wrote, and I would ask that you immediately take down that libelous post in its entirety or we will have no choice but to take legal action against you personally and YOUR WORKPLACE in the Superior Court of Denver.

We have many members, monthly speakers, and if you need any proof of some nature you are welcome to pick out any speaker(s) at the cmo-summit.org and Kristin on our staff (kristen@bizsummits.org) would be glad to send you the meeting recordings which we obviously could not do if the organization were a scam as you have written. I would also suggest you not refer to the cmosummit.org in any future libelous posts.  While we are not related to the CMO Council which owns that site, I assure you they are a wonderful organization with thousands of members worldwide and would also protect their reputation.

Talia, I am truly shocked at what you wrote and when you wrote it which appears to be on company time with YOUR WORKPLACE. Shameful.

Michael Price
Tel. 770-998-9999 x.9

I was shocked at his tone and the way he tried to bully me by copying the CEO of my organization. He makes some pretty harsh claims here. My husband and I decided to take some time to think about this threat and consult some lawyer friends. That combined with the Jewish holiday Shavuot kept me from replying right away… After the chag (holiday) I opened my email to find another threat from Michael Price.

Talia/BOSS, it has been almost a week and I have received no response to your libelous pages which are still online. If this continues we will have no choice but to take legal action for the defamation done by one of your staff during business hours below.


Wow. He makes some interesting claims. Libeling me to the head of my company and potentially causing some serious harm to my reputation… things he accused me of. I have responded to him now, letting him know that I will not be bullied and any correspondence would be published here. So bloggers beware. If you mention this guy, he may come after you. I see several dead links from people who took blogs down but several other bloggers who refused to kowtow to his threats. This is my response to him.

Michael –

A week ago you wrote to threaten me, and my employer, with a lawsuit.  In another email Wednesday, you wrote to express surprise that you haven’t heard back yet.  Since I don’t often need to defend against baseless accusations and legal threats, it would seem natural that I needed some time to formulate an appropriate response.  I think I understand your eagerness much better now; you are much more experienced than I in discussing frivolous legal claims.  You have a rather dubious history of threatening others with lawsuits: here, here, and here.  Since you weren’t successful at removing their postings, what makes you think it will work this time?  As it is your tactic to shame (your word) others, I will share, publicly, my responses to your allegations and review some of your business practices.  I will share the facts only, which have earned you an F rating with the Better Business Bureau (link).  Shameful Michael, just shameful.

To begin with, my blog posting contains no libelous or defamatory statements.  I wrote about my experiences with your company through the email I was sent and about your publicly known business practices.  My blog posting was comprised of the facts only. It is not my fault that they make BizSummits look bad.  The posting takes the reader through my experiences trying to research your organization.  You see Michael, when I first received your email I was genuinely interested in participating in one of your events.  My experience trying to contact anyone with your organization was fruitless.  I searched for your website and included screen shots of the results.  They weren’t impressive, I will admit.  Having hit a cul-de-sac trying to learn literally anything about your organization, I posted widely available information including the IP addresses and the email address from which I received the invitation.  It is all known spam (link and link).  These are the facts; it is my opinion that they paint your organization in a poor light.  This is not libel; it is the publicly known truth.

I closed my blog post by linking to others who came to the conclusion that your “summits” were not in fact reliable nor were our email addresses acquired in a reasonable and legal manner according to the CAN-SPAM act (violation of Sec. 6(b)(1)(A)(i)as you did not have prior affirmative consent and it appears that my email address was harvested by automated means). Finally, I placed a large disclaimer in “H2” font stating that these are my personal opinions posted. It says –
PLEASE NOTE: I am presenting information here. Information that I feel is pertinent to my fellow marketers. Some of these may be legit businesses but there are practices that I feel are spammy or scammy and make them suspect to me. These are my own opinions.

I never said that it was a fact that your organization is a scam; I said your organization seems like a scam. Get the difference? As I told you before, I contacted your employee, Matt T. Keener, letting him know that your links didn’t work and that I was interested in more information.  I received no response and your links sent me to dead ends. Naturally I was curious and did a simple Google search. What I found about BizSummits and about you, Michael, was your dubious history dealing with other bloggers.  More on that in a moment.

In reference to the comments posted to the blog, Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230) states that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” The federal law preempts any state laws to the contrary: “[n]o cause of action may be brought and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section.” Therefore, I cannot be held liable for these comments as I cannot be treated as a publisher.

So now we have established that there are no defamatory or libelous statements in my blog posting.  Excellent.  However, I do not think the same can be said about your email to my boss.  You, Michael, have in fact libeled me.

There is a burden in cases of defamation to provide four claims to a court:

  1. First, the plaintiff must show that the DEFENDANT communicated a defamatory statement.
    You falsely claimed I wrote defamatory statements during company time.
  2. Second, the plaintiff must show that the statement was published or communicated to at least one other person besides the plaintiff.
    This was communicated to not only me, but to my CEO, MY BOSS.
  3. Third, the plaintiff must show that the communication was about the plaintiff and that another party receiving the communication could identify the plaintiff as the subject of the defamatory message.
    You clearly state my name twice in the email and once in the subject line including in the statement in question.
  4. Fourth, the plaintiff must show that the communication injured the plaintiff’s reputation.
    This has injured my reputation at my job by telling my CEO that I was using work time for personal projects and to spread libelous claims.

Now that we’ve explored my legal basis for a libel suit against you, let’s talk about your false claim that I wrote my blog during work time.  This is especially amusing coming from you, since you made it literally impossible to avoid talking about work.  After all, BizSummits sent me what seems like spam to my work email account.  Why is this confusing Michael?  Your claim is as poorly thought out as it is wrong.

A reasonable person would think you would be better at intimidating bloggers by now.  You’ve had three years, as far as I can tell, to hone the skill.  The earliest example I found was from 2010, but the tactics haven’t aged a year.  What I find “shameful” is the bullying and intimidation of bloggers who don’t agree with your questionable practices. I applaud the others for not bending to your threats and I will not be taking my posting down either. Rather, you should be aware that all previous and future contacts or actions on your part will be shared with the public.

Talia Davis Haykin

Where you see capitals (MY BOSS, MY WORKPLACE), I have removed information to protect my boss and my workplace. So readers… what would you do?


  1. ricky says:

    in the future, although I hope there is no future situation like this, you shouldn’t respond at all. wait for the lawsuit (which will never come, it’s too much of a pain in the ass, especially when it’s a baseless claim). Responding can only hurt you if it were to ever proceed past email.

  2. Andrew says:

    Waiting it out isn’t always the best option. Sometimes unintelligent people just don’t understand how utterly baseless their claims actually are. Good for you for speaking out and hopefully stopping this bully in his tracks. If he is spending time sending emails like this it’s likely because he doesn’t have more important things to do. I can’t imagine his business is doing well when he employs destructive means to hide the legitimate opinions of others. He should be more concerned with providing a good product or maybe even explaining himself better but his actions now speak for themselves.

    I’m sorry you had to go through this, hopefully your boss understands how completely out of line Mr. Price is.

    • thdpr says:

      I see the value of both approaches. Honestly, I didn’t initially want to respond but my husband thought it was best. When he followed up with another email clearly aimed at intimidating me through my job, I knew I had to respond.

      Thank you for your support!

  3. Mindy says:

    I sure could use some help in dealing with this guy Michael Price. My boss signed up with him and his summits in Jan 2012 and didn’t want to renew, however the company did an automatic renew in Oct 2012, well before the renew time period and we declined the charge. I have declined charge with AMEX 4 times and have spoke with several times requesting a refund. I have also emailed him many time, but no credit has been issued. They sent me an email in May 2013 that looked like a credit to the AMEX, but I haven’t seen it yet. Lately, he has not answered his phone, returned my calls, or responded to my emails. Anyone have any ideas.

    Thanks Mindy

    • Carlos says:

      Have Amex issue a new card to you. I had an experience with a scammy company that kept charging us after phone calls and certified letters. Amex just gave us a new card number so they couldn’t charge it any more (and reversed all past charges).

  4. Michael Arlen says:

    Thank you for your head’s-up. I just received an invitation via one of my Product Marketers. So, they’re still attempting to lure in the unsuspecting. BTW, the person to whom they addressed the invitation, does not have the supposed marketing expertise that one would expect to participate in this lofty summit of CMOs. (That’s why the invite was brought to my attention.)

    I want to thank you for your blog.


    Michael Arlen

    PS (although you probably already know this)

    There is nothing “defamatory” in your account regarding your invite & what followed. You also clearly
    stated that the conclusions you drew, when interpreting the facts, were your opinion; thereby eliminating the possibility of your writing being interpreted as libelous. The threatening letter sent to you & cc’d to your employer, however, could be construed as an intentional act to interfere with a 3rd party contract! A tort, for which punitive damages might flow. So I wouldn’t worry about them brining a baseless case against you. They would have much more to fear, should this matter find itself before a Court, than you.

    • thdpr says:

      Thank you Michael. I did research it and came to the same conclusion but it is gratifying to hear it from someone else. Best of luck to you.

  5. Tim Nathan says:

    While digging around for more on this Michael Price asshat, I found a comment that he uses plugmein.com to scrape names from business sites. Curious, I pulled up the site and watched the demo video.

    Guess who’s name shows up in one the video frames that show the software’s results!? I laughed out loud.


  6. Mark says:

    Thank you so much for the efforts you put into researching and revealing this company. I find it sad that they unfortunately are successful enough to continue, and in multiple venues as well. My exposure to them came with the following signature:
    CIO/IT Summit
    Richard Avery
    1200 Abernathy Rd., 17th Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    Yes, this one was aimed at IT professionals.
    …and laughably with the final sentence “Typically, new members input credit card information for immediate activation and efficiency.” (That was the tip-off for me).
    Hopefully more people will learn to recognize and avoid such, and I believe complete reporting such as yours is a step in the right direction.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I received one for cooleaders.org from Matt T. Keener

    To: Name Redacted
    From: Matt T. Keener
    Subject: [NAME], question.

    Hi [NAME], quick question for you because of your past experience and

    I wanted to ask if you might like to become a part of our group. I
    think you would really enjoy the high level sharing of ideas and best

    For our next monthly teleconference meeting Wal-Mart’s head of IT
    Operations will lead a presentation and discussion on what is working
    and new ideas to increase operations productivity. The following
    month Schwab’s head of Operations will lead a presentation and
    discussion on influencing the internal client experience.

    Because of the value you would bring to the discussion, you can also
    subtract $150 from the regular dues (just put my name as the person
    who okayed this in the Comments field of the sign up page).

    Our site is cooleaders.org and many of our member’s names appear
    there. It is an exceptional group — hopefully you can be part of it
    and you will enjoy meeting the others. Thanks [NAME].

    Kind regards,
    Matt T. Keener
    COO Summit

    For the address at the bottom, they have Attn: B. Ewain, 6030 Dyer Brook Dr, Houston TX 77041

    When I look up the address, it is an everyday looking house. Doesn’t look like a business at all.

  8. Conrad Longmore says:

    Oh yes, cooleaders.org is definitely a Michael Price / BizSummits operation. Their “Contact” us page has the Atlanta address that he uses for correspondence. I’ve seen BizSummits use fake domain registration details before. Naughty. Time for some more digging perhaps..

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