Full Term

Uh… can you believe it? I am considered full term. Meaning, if this guy decides to show up, barring any physical problems, he could come home with us and would be considered a totally normal, full term baby. WOW! That milestone is 37 weeks for those of you playing the home game. We hit 37 weeks last Thursday and are actually on our way to 38 now. I can’t actually believe it. Both Dan and I have been in a crazy rush to finish things before this guy gets here. Dan is focused on his work, apple pressing, and setting up the garden. I have been focused on getting my work to a place that I feel comfortable taking maternity leave for 3 months, putting together baby furniture and accoutrements, and organizing our home for his arrival.

At this point, pregnancy just keeps getting more and more uncomfortable. Some time last week, I tweaked something in my back and now laying on my side hurts a lot… well when I try to lay on my back, even propped up on pillows, I get tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. So… I am basically in a no-win, no-sleeping situation. That definitely makes me more ready for Baby Haykin to show up!

But really, now at this point, the anticipation is getting intense… He could come any day, any time and we really can’t wait to meet him. So I say, with slight “OMG IS THIS FOR REAL” trepidation – Baby Haykin, we are ready! Come out and play!


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