Haykin Family Cider

Haykin Family Cider

Because we didn’t have enough going on in our lives…

If you don’t know us or haven’t spent much time with us recently you may not know that Dan (my loving and wonderful and slightly obsessive husband) has become more than slightly obsessed with making his own hard apple cider.

Yes, I assist… I did a lot of cutting, grinding and pressing before the baby came. I do less now… more wrangling the nugget while he works but I do press and remove stickers on occasion but my role has matured to consulting on yeasts, taste testing and helping to refine carbonation and flavor.

We started this adventure October 31, 2013… and this year it has really paid off. Not only is he making incredibly tasty cider for me to drink to my heart’s content… he has won some awards this year. Like big awards.

First up was the Washington State Mead and Cider Cup. He won first and second place in the Standard Cider/Perry category –

C1: Standard Cider & Perry

1st Place: Daniel Haykin with Leftovers – New World Cider
2nd Place: Daniel Haykin with Dandee Red/Kinderkrisp Blend Cider – New World Cider

AND he won Best Cider in the competition and was just shy of Overall Best of Show!

BEST CIDER: Daniel Haykin with Dandee Red/Kinderkrisp Blend Cider – New World Cider

Then he entered his ‘holy grail’ of cider competitions – what they call GLINTCAP – Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition. This has both a commercial and non-commercial division. He was in the competition with major producers (think Angry Orchard and Woodchuck along with local guys Glider Cider and Stem Ciders among others). Granted, they were not in the same division but you get that this is a big competition. The non-commercial division awarded 14 Gold, 47 Silver, 83 Bronze. Daniel won, in the New World Cider – Modern area, one Gold, four Silvers, and one Bronze! Everything he entered in the competition medaled!!

New World Cider — Modern

Daniel Haykin – Redfree/Dandy Red/Ginger Gold/Akane/Kinderkrisp

Daniel Haykin – Jonathan/Ruby Jon/Gala/Golden Supreme
Daniel Haykin – Leftovers
Daniel Haykin – Macintosh/Diva/Red Delicious
Daniel Haykin – Sweet Red Delicious/Opal/Jonagold

Daniel Haykin – Cripps Pink/Red Delicious/Pink Lady/Gala

That’s a pretty big deal for us, especially for our first round of competitions. We are still waiting to hear about the third competition. I will add to this post when we do.

I made a little website for our ‘cidery’ (aka our basement). Maybe one day it will be something more. Check it out here – Haykin Family Cidery

Oh and at our new house, we have planted apple trees… and they are beginning to bud. If any of you thought this was a passing hobby… think again! 🙂

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