Helping the Victims of Hurricane Sandy – Tikkun Olam

Helping the Victims of Hurricane Sandy - Tikkun Olam

There are many ways to help Hurricane Sandy victims. I wanted to share a post here from a friend on Facebook, Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz who runs Uri L’Tzedek (Awaken to Justice) – a Jewish organization committed to making this world a better place.

This was posted today: November 2, 2012

If you are looking for opportunities for today to volunteer in NYC:
1. There is a shelter on 192nd and Audobon (inside the public school) that needs volunteers.
2. 200 East 5th street at 10:30am to distribute food and supplies. Bring dry food (granola bars, sandwiches, etc)
3. The Mazel School is still requesting volunteers today at 2901 Brighton 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235, and donations at
4. The Jewish Community Project and Chabad will be meeting at 1 PM today in front of Independence Plaza (310 Greenwich Street) to assist the elderly in those buildings. Please bring extra flashlights, water, batteries, and supplies, in case it is needed.

For Sunday:
Uri L’Tzedek is joining with the Jewish Center and Ansche Chesed to visit the elderly on the UWS. Although they did not lose power, the hurricane was frightening and many regular visitors were unable to stop by this week. Come comfort these elderly members of our community by making packages at the Jewish Center and bringing them to the Jewish Home and to other members of the community.
Sunday, November 4th at 10:30 am at the Jewish Center (131 West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024 ) and the program concludes at 1:30 pm. A light lunch will be served upon your return. This program is part of UJA-Federation of NY’s Jewish Social Action Month.Additionally, you can see more opportunities listed by Repair the World.

In addition, my organization – Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado – is collecting donations to give to our headquarters in NYC (Jewish Federations of North America). If you are, like me, not in NYC and can’t volunteer, consider making a gift to help the Jewish communities recover in NYC. Go to to donate.
Lastly, a friend of mine who is from Denver… but who I met is Israel has been impacted. Her sister’s home and Chabad house was washed away with nothing but the clothing on her back and one picture surviving. Her family is without a home and all their seforim (Jewish holy books) have been destroyed. If you want to make a donation specifically to only this family, read their story by clicking here then donate!
I hope everyone has a place to be for shabbat and that we move into next week with some joy!