Idiocy… even in the best of circles…

So I found this blog post MoVinG oN and was just shocked… but then I remembered that every community has their own crazies…

I really hope that my generation and the next can convince the oldies that the world truly has changed.

I had this idea, and I was chatting it out with a co-worker, that we get a bunch of rabbis (or make it interfaith) to sit down and “re-write” the Torah for a modern day audience. What would it say? Would Noah’s flood be Hurricane Katrina? Would G!d have written something about cell phones on shabbis? What about the common abuse of the shabbis goy?

At some point we have to realize it isn’t the middle ages anymore…

Anyway, just one woman’s thoughts.

(FYI – I am not an official representative of anything or anyone except for myself. And I don’t have a mechitza on my comment wall.)
UPDATE! 2.26.10
Hi all my loyal readers! I am sure you have been watching this saga with baited breath… 😉 I have just found out that this was an elaborate Purim prank. Nice work guys… You had me fooled (and indignant)! Here is Altie’s post about the prank – It Was All A Joke

And here are the pranksters… Va’ad Shmiras Hadas V’hatarah “official” blog and this is TRS and Yossi … This is TRS … and this is Yossi!



  1. Did you realize the tznius committee thing was a joke? Check out

  2. Wow… they had me going… as well as several other bloggers. I was concerned for Altie… I mean, it didn't seem right but there are always crazies. I just saw her post this morning that she had just been told it was a joke and I will amend my blog post. Thanks for posting it here.

  3. therealbochur was the blog that TRS and I made when we were 'blackmailed' into closing our own. we each have our own blog, as well

  4. Oh! Thanks Yossi. Post links?

  5. trs- therealshliach.blogspot.comyossi- abochurinlubavitch.blogspot.comwhen we merged, we became therealbochur…

  6. Acha! Brilliance meets brilliance = Purim hilarity. Ah, but I should not be talking to you here… It's not tznius…

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