I’m Sorry But The Turnover Rate Is Just Too High

I'm Sorry But The Turnover Rate Is Just Too High

Look, lately I am having this problem. Really awesome friends are leaving Colorado. And frankly, that is just not cool.

Ben and Talia

First it was my dear friend Ben. We went to high school in Israel together 14 years ago (FOURTEEN YEARS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!) and several years ago he landed in Denver. It was so great. I needed a roommate and he needed an apartment. Fabulous! He was my roommate, my friend, my protector, my faux husband (he is VERY good at killing spiders), a support, a stable force, and a damn good mover. He helped me out whenever I needed him and listened to my crazy stories. He is a true and very special friend. Not to mention he is an MOT (*Member of the Tribe). I’ll miss our roommate dinners and being able to call him when I can’t hang a picture or there is a spider in my tub. But he is off to bigger and better things. I am incredibly proud of him. He went back to school as an adult and is living out his dream of becoming a doctor. So I wish him lots of luck and hope that he enjoys his two years on a Caribbean, YES CARIBBEAN island… man that’s rough! πŸ™‚ Follow his travels here – Saba Barefoot

Talia and Ezra

Next, is my friend Ezra. Ez and I have a different history. We met for the first time at a coffee shop in Denver. I wanted to get more involved in the young Jewish community. Ez was the only person who answered my emails or calls. He was a bundle of energy and left me enthused to be involved. I landed on the E-3 board because of him and count all three E’s as dear and close friends all stemming from this one encounter with Ezra. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Ezra I would not have (are you ready for this list?):
* Joined the E-3 board
* Gotten involved with the Jews in Denver
* Met most of the other Jews I know in Denver
* Met Devora Leah Popack which lead to…
* Going to Snorkel and Study
* Been motivated to go to Israel
* Actually applied to go to Israel
* Gotten the funding from MASA and the Allied Jewish Federation for Israel
* Gone VIP to the Idan Raichel concert in Jerusalem
* Hung out with the Denver crew in Jerusalem
* Met some really special and amazing people on that Denver crew in Jerusalem
* Started working for the Allied Jewish Federation to save the Jews
* Had an awesome weekend at A-Basin
* or have become who I am today
Every person that you meet has an impact on your life. Not often can you trace that impact to life changing events and put the “blame” directly on their doorstep. I can with Ezra. He inspires me everyday in my work and I can only dream of matching his passion for helping our people. And thus, we ship him off to NYC to be a part of the largest Federation in the country and impact so many lives. Well, I know they are going to love having him there and the Jews of New York will be better for it. He has left us Denver folk in good shape with a strong and lasting impression. But he can never be replaced… not professionally and not as a dear friend. And thus, we lose another awesome Jewish guy from Denver.

Talia and Aylee

My last leaving friend is not a done deal. My dear bud Aylee. He is considering a move to Tel Aviv. Now this one is hard. I just can’t ask my BoyJewFriend to stay in chutz l’aretz (the other lands) when he is just supposed to be in Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel). How can you tell a man he can’t go home? And Tel Aviv is when Aylee feels most at home. But I just don’t know if I can take it! Three quality Jewish men leaving Denver?! Three close friends leaving?! So not fair boys. So for now with my Aylees, we are safe. He is just going for a long trip in the end of summer/fall but will be back. But if he decides to move, I would support him. I’ve known Aylee since an ex-roommate introduced us. We have been close ever since. I have enjoyed my position as pseudo-wife, making shabbat lunch or dinner at his home for mutual friends/guests. He always has a positive disposition and brings light into any room he walks into. I am fortunate to have met him.

So this is the story of my turnover. Three dear friends leaving or potentially leaving me. And I feel like you are asking, “Who cares? People move.” And you’re right. People move. I’m usually that person. I’m used to being the outsider, the new kid… fumbling with my locker code, sitting quietly in the back of the class. But living in Denver, this is the most settled I’ve ever felt and it is a jarring experience to have friends leave. I never really realized what that feels like because I usually am the one doing the leaving.

I’ll miss my guys but I am so excited for each and every one of them. B’hatzlacha and nesiah tova, my friends.



  1. Meh. I’m moving TO Denver. You’ll be fine. (j/k I actually know the feeling. Sucks when your best friends leave you. Dealing with 3? That’s rough)

  2. Departures are hard, and you’re torn, because you want to celebrate your friends’ new directions, but when those paths diverge from your own, it’s hard to be so selflessly celebratory of their new opportunities. As someone who not so long ago left her community, I can tell you that the aftermath of a departure is complicated for the person who leaves and for the people he or she leaves behind. But thanks to things like social media, we can be in closer touch with people even when they’re far away, and we can even visit when the time is right for that. πŸ™‚

    I feel for you, and hope that you’ll have many opportunities to reunite with these fine Denver gents in the near future.

  3. Yeah, it’s a bummer when good friends either grow apart, or, in your case, move away :-/

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