An Imperfect Mom Confessional

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I burned the frozen vegetables.

I burned the frozen vegetables because my dog was insanely barking and I had to put her in her crate upstairs and then my toddler was crying and asking me to read a book and I’m worried about my husband who contracted Hand Foot and Mouth and it’s two days before we are flying out on a business trip and I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m tired and I’m worried about the taxes and paperwork I have to file for our new business and my toddler has a mystery rash on the back of his legs and literally everything that could go wrong has gone wrong as we have set up our new business and my dad just had heart surgery and the construction on our hard cider facility has taken forever and the equipment doesn’t fit and I had a minor procedure that is no big deal except it’s in an irritable spot that hurts when I move (or when the toddler pokes it) and our garage door is broken and the people can’t come to fix it forever and my brain is only functioning at like 10% because I’ve got major mommy brain and I can’t remember anything and I’ve got a marketing client who needs constant attention and the toddler is throwing spaghetti all over my freshly cleaned house and the damn commercial dishwasher at our facility isn’t working and I can’t get their support on the phone and I didn’t finish that newsletter for that other client and my desk is a mess and I need to finish the laundry before our trip and I have to get groceries for my in-laws who will be watching our toddler so we can go on the trip and my husband is sick and sad and stuck at the facility for hours to try to make the kegging system work before we leave and my ankles are so freaking swollen and I could keep going. I really could.

And as I stood in front of the sink staring at now-burned peas and carrots I was making because it was easy and stress-free when everything else was stressing us out, I cried.

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