We did it! Whew! Pulled the trigger on the not only the ketubah but on the language as well. Harder than I thought it would be.

Think about it. You have to buy a piece of art, that is going to hang on your wall forever, that will extol your love for each other (in a non-cheesy way) but that meets the legal requirements of Jewish law so if we ever move to Israel, they believe we are legally married.

That’s a lot of pressure on one little piece of art!

After hours of looking, we chose a paper cut ketubah from Etsy. The Terrace Ketuba by Melanie DankowiczΒ is beautiful. I would have never thought that I would go for a paper cut ketubah but I love it! Here’s an image of it from her shop:


I think it is stunning and beautiful! Something that I won’t be embarrassed to have on my wall 30 years from now and I don’t think it will fade either. I hope our kids think it’s cool too. πŸ™‚

As for the language, there are so many different versions. Even if you say “I’m going to be strict and only use the Orthodox version…” The translations into English are very different! The traditional ketubah is written in Aramaic, not Hebrew. I thought that was kinda cool but in the end, we used the orthodox version as a template and added in pieces that fulfilled our vision of Judaism and our relationship. I will share our language with you after the wedding (have to keep somethings a secret!) but I am very happy with it. I accurately describes our roles in our marriage. πŸ™‚

Check out Melanie’s site on Etsy for more paper cuts and AMAZING art work! Click here – MelanieCuts


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