Kippot Have Arrived!

We just got the kippot for the wedding! It was so exciting to get a huge, heavy box filled hundreds of kippot! This is just one piece we will be giving our guests at the wedding.

navy kippah - A1 SkullCap

I was a voracious wedding/bar/bat mitzvah kippah collector when I was younger. We had every color, shape, and material you could imagine. In fact… For my bat mitzvah my grandpa Milton so graciously paid for the kippot as a gift to me… he wanted me to have everything I wanted… even if that meant alternating satin panels of teal and rose… yes, your eyes are not deceiving you… my bat mitzvah kippot were TEAL AND PINK! Oy. My only defense is that it was the early 90’s…

Anywho, I shopped around online for the perfect kippah. I found them at A1 Skullcap! Since our colors are navy and yellow, we went with a navy suede with gold imprint… I never dreamed I would do a gold imprint… I seriously dislike gold but… it works! I love them! And I highly doubt our children will tease me for these as badly as they will tease me for my bat mitzvah ones…

Can’t wait to share them with our guests.


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