Let’s be honest

I’ve not been very good about blogging since marrying that fabulous man I married. Let’s be even more honest… my blog has been a big aimless even for a while before that. It started out being life as a single, Jewish woman in the social media field with some love of Sherlock Holmes thrown in. But it was aimless. I didn’t feel like I had a strong topic. I found a voice when I was in Israel and Israeli life and Jewish learning was all around me. But I lost my voice when I came home… just as I lost my focus on Jewish learning.

Well, recent events have given me a refocus. I will be cleaning us TSW and dusting the old girl off. Many of you readers may not like my blog anymore… it may not be your wheelhouse… I will still write about social media and technical ‘stuff’ every so often as it comes up but it won’t be the focus.

I am not ready to announce what the focus will be but I just wanted to prepare y’all. Thanks for sticking around.