My Baby Turned One

My Baby Turned One

I have been dragging my heels for weeks to write this blog… First, I’m having a pretty hard time believing my baby is one. Like how in the WORLD did that happen?! Just yesterday he was a dream in our minds, a squiggly baby in my tummy, a tiny floppy newborn… how is it possible that he is now a cruising, squirmy, tantruming, babbling big boy toddler?!

This year has flown by but I thought I would write a little letter to the nugget and share some pictures here. Maybe one day his wife would enjoy reading it. πŸ™‚

My sweet DMH –

DMH2 copyYou are ONE! I can’t believe it’s been one year since you came into our lives. It has been a challenging year but also the most amazing year of our lives. Before you were born, your Papa had not held many babies and never one as tiny as you. He wouldn’t even hold you right when you were born. He waited a few hours until we were in our room. Then he had a very special first minute alone with you. He fell in love very quickly. I think I fell in love with you while you were squirming in my tummy but you still didn’t seem real until I met you on your birth day. You used to have hiccups and rub your heels along my belly. Towards the end, you liked to poke me in the hips. I was SO impatient to meet you.

Your birth was hard. Your heart rate dropped along with my blood pressure. We got an infection and both got antibiotics. And DMH1 copythere was a whole respiratory team in the room when you were born because (ewww) you pooped before you were born! You have always been a good pooper! πŸ™‚ But from the minute you were born, Papa and I were so full of joy. When we got to bring you home, we were so proud of ourselves… you slept the whole day and we thought we had this parenting thing nailed. We put you down to sleep and then you screamed the whole night long. We laid awake trying to soothe you. We lost our minds trying to soothe you. Papa drove to King Soopers at 3am to get gas drops while Mama frantically googled, trying to soothe you. The next morning we took you to Dr. Noah and watched The Happiest Baby On The Block. WOW! What a difference! That started our journey of learning how to be a Mama and a Papa.

DMH6Over the next few months you grew and grew. You learned how to smile and coo. You had lunch dates with your JBU friends, you started school with your true love, Ms. Gina. You could hold your head up, sit up, roll over, scootch, army crawl, real crawl, pull up, and now you are cruising all over the room. DMH9 copyYou’ve slept in 30 minute increments and 12 hours at a time. You’ve seen a sleep therapist, craniosacral therapist, ER doctor, GI doctor, lactation consultant, had a chest x-ray, ultrasound, IV and visited Children’s Hospital. You’ve nursed, drank formula, water, chicken soup, pedialyte, and now milk. You love food. You’ve violently thrown up food. You are picky and skeptical about new foods. You hate slimy things. You think sweets are eh but love carbs.

DMH3The one enduring thing has been Soba. She never fails to make you laugh. She licks your hands and feet and face. You steal her toys and try to stick your fingers up her nose. If I let her, she would lick your hands clean when you are in your highchair and you love it. Now I have to remind you to be gentle because you want to ‘pet’ her so bad that you smack her and pull her hair. She’s your big sister. It’s just a dog and her boy.

DMH – You’ve brought such joy (and struggles, exhaustion, and challenges) into our lives. The past year was not easy (nor cheap, by the way) but it has been the most amazing year of our lives. I cannot imagine our lives without you, our sweet firstborn son. Mazal tov on your first birthday. Papa and I will toast with some cider to 119 more!



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