Your New Best Friend Has Your Back

Your New Best Friend Has Your Back

My mom used to brag that from the time I could walk and had my balance, she made me carry my own ‘stuff.’ Wipes, diapers, blankey, etc. She got me a tiny backpack in the early 80’s and relieved herself of the burden of a diaper bag. I didn’t think it was silly, per se, but let’s say that I didn’t get it.

Now I get it.

Between my purse and lunch and workout clothes and his nap supplies, extra clothes, wipes, lunch, etc… and then carrying the wiggly toddler through the parking lot, one day in his first year of life I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I got him this adorable SkipHop Preschool Zoo Backpack. Giraffes are our thing but our cousin had a giraffe already so we opted for the adorable elephant. Now, at first, he couldn’t handle it. It was actually pretty much the height of the kid. He tried so hard to carry it… it was rather comical.

But he grew and grew and grew and one day when he said “mama Dawid dew it” and he sure did “dew it!” He took off down the hall running. And man, he couldn’t have been cuter.

I actually had a tear in my eye. He was so grown up!

But truly the backpack is adorable and draws all the kids over. They love playing with the peanut zipper pulls. It’s deep enough to fit his lunch box and I can shove a small thing of wipes at the bottom, an extra pair of shorts and shoes in the main compartment, plus tons in the tiny compartment and his waterbottle in the little side pocket.

I will treasure the pictures and memories of my little man and his elephant best friend. But with more than 25 animal options, you can definitely find the right friend! Check out SkipHop for the selection.


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