Oh Baby(iators)

Oh Baby(iators)

We were first introduced to the world of Babiators at a maternity leave lunch date. Several of us had babies at the same time and were on maternity leave together. We sat outside and my little guy got the bad spot, right in the sun. So the ladies collected supplies for us. A frilly, girly bonnet, a muslin to drape and bust up the sun, and a pair of Babiators.

I thought the idea of baby sunglasses was hilarious and ridiculous. Until we slid them on his tiny, smushy face. Oh. My. Word.

It can’t get any better than that. He was just so cute I went home and bought him the same pair. They arrived and I was all excited, except now he wouldn’t have anything to do with them. So they sat in a drawer until he was older. We busted them out again when he was nearly one and this is when I learned the joy of the Babiator. He tugged and twisted and pulled and they did not break. Another pair we were given when he was born snapped, but Babiators held strong.

Again they were put away and now that he’s almost two and understands that his dad wears sunglasses they have come out again. Yes this same pair that he’s been wearing since 3 months old. They are getting a bit small on his giant melon now but they have held up to his abuse!

They are a great shower gift because it’s something you would rarely splurge on yourself. Check out Babiators!


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