Oh Mam!

Oh Mam!


I fought with myself in the hospital. Do I offer a pacifier if he needs it? Do I not? I was always a thumb sucker so I took the decision out of my mom’s hands but would this guy be a paci guy?

We offered him the adorable Wubbanub giraffe but as much as he liked snuggling the giraffe, he never really got the hang of that style pacifier. I went to a baby event (with TheBabyGuyNYC!) and in the gift bag was a tiny Mam pacifier. During one particularly rough day, I gave it to him and it changed our world! He was better able to maneuver it and instantly took a liking to it.

Well, it’s been something like 20 months since then and he is still obsessed with his Mam pacifiers.

Here’s a pacifier tip – check the age range. They make them smaller for smaller babies and there is a danger of choking if you use these with bigger kids. Mam has ranges from newborn 0+,  0-6 months6+ months, and (new to me) 16+ months. They also have a glow in the dark collection that is great for night time binky raids.

Now I know many people would criticize me for letting my 23-month-old have a binky but, the kid is potty trained and sleeps through the night and it’s just not a battle I feel like we need to fight right now. So, you’ll see a lot of pictures like these from us! 🙂 


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