Purex Post: Dial Hand Soap (GIVEAWAY)

Purex Post: Dial Hand Soap (GIVEAWAY)

As you may know, I am very fortunate to be a part of a program called Purex Insiders. They often will send products for me to test and talk about along with some coupons.

In this case, I was sent two Dial products to try and blog about. One was their new Miracle Oil Hand Soap and the other was the Sugar Cane Husk Scrub.

I was a bit skeptical about the miracle oil because I wasn’t sure what kind of residue would be left behind. I am REALLY particular when it comes to my hand soap. Smell, feel, and how my hands feel afterwards are all factors for me.

I was so impressed by both of these products on all levels. Both soaps left my hands feeling clean with no residue, smelling awesome, and not dry at all.

Dial-Miracle-Promo I really enjoyed the Miracle Oil soap for it’s smell and the moisture it left behind on my hands. Not oily, but moisturized. It is infused with Marula oil and really conditioned my hands nicely. Plus, I knew that I was getting the Dial commitment to health and safety. I wish the doctor’s office would stock this instead of their harsh foams! Starting in February, you can find Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap any where you buy Dial soaps.

Dial-Sugar-Promo The other soap I tried was the deep cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Scrub. This is also a hand soap and has these tiny little (they call them) ‘micro scrubbers’ in the formula to help exfoliate and clean your hands. This product also impressed me with the smell and feel of the soap. I guess I shouldn’t be so skeptical about the smell of hand soaps but I am. Too many awful experiences that leave my hands dry and smelling terrible! I used to work for a local luxury soap maker here in Denver as a side job, selling their products in the retail store. One thing I loved about them was that they sold sugar scrubs instead of salt. Many people don’t realize that a sugar grain in rounded where as salt has sharp edges. You get a similar result but the salt actually scratches your skin and drys it out. Sugar is for sure the way to go when you exfoliate. I don’t know if these ‘micro scrubbers’ are actual sugar crystals but they seem to do the job and do it well. All in all I was very pleased! Again, the Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub is available at retailers starting in February.

So to wrap this up, I actually have a little give away! Comment below and tell me what your pet peeves are about hand soap and which is your current favorite and I will pick THREE winners to receive a coupon for a FREE DIAL HAND SOAP! Comment by April 5 to be entered!

A special thank you to the Dial brand for providing the products and the coupons. And as usual, they provided the sample in exchange for a review but all opinions expressed here are my own!


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