Review: Mayim’s Vegan Table

Mayim's Vegan Table I recently received a copy (see my disclosure at the bottom) of Mayim Bialik’s new cookbook – Mayim’s Vegan Table. I spent a few days going through the cookbook, looking at her recipes, reading the intro, and looking at the pictures. Overall, it’s a very well written, interesting cookbook. Not too large or hefty with a nice selection of options in each category. One thing I noticed off the bat was that most of the recipes seemed rather complicated with quite a few ingredients and steps. However, once I tried a few, I realized that yes, there were a lot of ingredients but the recipes weren’t too complex.

In the beginning of the book, Mayim and her co-author, Dr. Jay Gordon, discuss vegan principles and how easy and ethical it is to eat this way. While their views do not reflect the views of the Kosher, She Eats kitchen, I respect them and their convictions. One big thing for me was, I wished there were more pictures and that they were attached to the recipes. The book has a picture section in the center and while the images are amazing, it’s easier to visualize a dish when there is a picture nearby.

The next few recipes I post will be from Mayim’s cookbook. Kosher Hubby and I each selected a recipe to try and we made them on the same night. Mine was an entreé and KH’s was a side dish. Unfortunately, it was just not enough of the right kind of food to satisfy our hunger. The KSE kitchen does not contain a lot (or really any) pasta, white potatoes, etc and many of the recipes are heavy on that. We are also avowed meat eaters. Like I said above, while I respect their views, we don’t choose that lifestyle. So we made some meat to have for dinner as well.

I found this cookbook to be very useful, well-written, and interesting. I think it holds a very important place in a Kosher kitchen… it offers you 200 some pages of perfectly PARVE recipes that you can use with any meal. From starters to salads and mains to dessert, you know what you pull out of this cookbook, you can use with anything! I appreciated having so many parve leftovers in my fridge so I could pull them out when I was craving them with either a dairy or meat meal. You can purchase Mayim’s Vegan Table by clicking here.

** Disclosure: I received this cookbook for free but I was not compensated for this or any posts related to Mayim’s Vegan Table. Additionally, Mayim is a personal friend but that did not come into account while reviewing this cookbook. **

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