Secret Keepers

I think it’s really funny when people act badly and ask you to keep their secret… but then treat you poorly. You see, secrets are contingent on the people you ask to keep them. What is the motivation for someone to keep your secret if you are nasty and disrespectful to them?

I just find that remarkable.  Also, unfathomable. But I am not saying that you shouldn’t ask or expect your friends to keep your secrets or that sharing is bad but to perpetrate a secret and then blatantly turn your back on the person who is holding it, is a bad plan.

As a person who holds a lot of secrets for a lot of people, I never understood the lack of respect or tact.

It’s all about respect and if you want someone to keep something quiet, disrespecting them is a bad plan.

Lots of things on my mind lately, I guess.



  1. {hug}

  2. Oy, can I relate to this. It’s a special level of chutzpah to ask others to bear the burden of bad behavior. Sorry. Hope the amount of secrets you keep diminishes. 🙂

    • Amen, Rivki. Thanks. I haven’t minded being a secret keeper. That was my role as the daughter of a rabbi but it’s the secrets you are asked to keep that are hurtful to you.

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