So. Excited. Mad Men, Season 4 starts Sunday!

So. Excited. Mad Men, Season 4 starts Sunday!

I just can’t wait. I love the time period. I love the clothes. I love the ad agency. I love it all! I am a total Maddict!

AdAge had a great article about the new season. A nice little preview that does NOTHING to satiate my curiosity, intentionally. Which just makes me more curious. AHH!

Read it here – ‘Mad Men’ Returns, Smoke Clears, and Things Still Aren’t What They Seem (Maybe)

He has some seriously astute comments about the deconstruction at the end of season 3 and the reconstruction that may or may not happen in season 4.

I. Can’t. Wait.



  1. Yeah, classy 60’s style is something special. While the movie itself was kind of meh (IMHO) … I really liked the production design in A Serious Man, too. Might I say your photo set is quite stunning, too — I dare say it turned out so well another may be in order. Caught my eye right away while browsing twitter =]

    I’m contemplating going full Buddy Holly when I get my glasses replaced, we shall see. 😎

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