Social Media Plan Template

Social Media Plan Template

I have been asked what social media plan template I use by several colleagues and students. Here is one that I found online and have modified for my own use. It is a great jumping off point for social media practitioners.

Social Media plan

You are welcome to use it and I am happy to share but I would love a shout out or link to my blog in exchange. Remember me when your CEO gives you a raise! πŸ™‚

REVISED 8/21/12:

Some folks have ‘kindly’ pointed out that the linked social media plan above is from Marketo and have (very unkindly) call me some nasty names for ‘stealing’ it. The reality is, yes, I used Marketo’s plan as inspiration for my social media plan. I also used several other companies. At the time, I could not recall their names. However, when I uploaded it to my blog, I attached the wrong link. The above link was to a PDF version of Marketo’s plan. That is not the plan I use. In the rush of everyday life, I neglected to check the link and it has existed for over a year on my blog mistakenly attributed to me. For that I am deeply sorry.

This has given me the opportunity to present to you an updated version. My previous version was focused a lot on content delivery companies (which is what my Masters thesis was on) however, I am doing less of that these days. Here is my actual, real, and current template and plan which I use in my social media adventures.

Updated Social Media Plan

Thank you all for your interest and visits!


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  1. Thanks, Talia. This is a great template to jump start a social media plan. I like how you included the metrics.

  2. This media plan is stolen from Marketo. Shame on you!!

  3. This social media plan has been taken directly from Marketo, and as far as I can see hasn’t been modified at all. Surely it would be respectable (if you are asking for credit) that you give credit to Marketo?

    • Dave –
      Thank you for your comment. It was your comment that had me look back at the document posted. It was indeed Marketo’s plan and not the plan I had created using Marketo and others as a template. Thank you for the opportunity to re-look at this and post an updated plan that I have been using for the past year.

      Of course I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Thank you for your diligence in commenting.


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