StorkSak Noa Diaper Bag | Review

StorkSak Noa Diaper Bag | Review

I recently got my hands on the StorkSak Noa diaper bag.  I was really excited about this because the diaper bag I received at my baby shower for David, while adorable, was never quite functional enough. It was big and bulky and hard to carry.

As soon as I got my Noa, I busted it out and was so impressed. In addition to all the traditional ‘baby’ stuff (changing pad, etc) it came with a mini organizer. I also got a quilted stroller organizer.  I was very impressed with the value for the cost of these bags.

Now, while our little guy isn’t a tiny baby anymore, needing bottles and diapers to be on hand, we certainly do have a TON of stuff that we take when we venture out. One thing that made me so excited about this bag was the versatility AND that it doesn’t look like you are toting around a bag that screams DIAPER BAG. It’s sleek and cute and could give any regular tote a run for it’s money. We took him to the pool the other day for a party and I was searching for a bag for our stuff. All of the sudden a lightbulb went off! My StorkSak! It was perfect. Fit clothes, snacks, towels, water bottles, everything we needed. Then I had a job on set yesterday and I needed to bring wardrobe, again, I grabbed my StorkSak!

It’s perfect for baby time, kid time, or just mom time. I’m really excited to play with this bag some more and utilize all the pieces!




Disclosure: I received this bag in exchange for my review, however all opinions are my own.



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