T-8 Days Until the No Pants Dance

T-8 Days Until the No Pants Dance

I announced here yesterday that I would be starting a No Pants Skirts Dance on June 1.

What does that mean? Well, it means that I won’t be buying clothing or knickknacks for three months. I’m cutting my extraneous shopping budget down to zero (just like Captain Planet and pollution… sorry, that song was in my head). I was scared and a bit nervous for several reasons.

First, I hate doing these things so ‘publicly’ (aka on my blog) because I do not like to fail and I like even less when I fail publicly. Well… you don’t fail publicly if you don’t make it public, am I right? Okay, anyway, I don’t like making pronouncements.

Next, I made the decision to mention my boyfriend (you remember him, the one who is awesome and incredible?) in my blog. I do not blog about my dating life very much and it especially made me nervous because this relationship is going so well and he is not an internet guy. So I was worried about how he might respond to it.

Well… I’m less worried now. Sweet Boyfriend supports me, is my self-proclaimed biggest cheerleader, and even went against his anti-internet presence ways to leave a comment on my blog! WHOA! That’s a big deal.

I feel so supported by my great friends who commented and DH (as we will now refer to Sweet Boyfriend since that is how he outed himself). I am thankful for this support and am looking forward to seeing how this all turns out!