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Belorussian Gefilte Fish Family Recipe

I have a real treat for you today. It was terribly difficult to not post this sooner but … we finally got to make homemade gefilte fish with my mother-in-law and we actually were photographed by the Denver Post during the process! Here is the article that they wrote about our process – On Passover, scratch-made gefilte fish carries on ancient tradition. Now, I must say, I was a bit intimidated to make gefilte fish from scratch. It seems like such a hard and intensive process but after hearing the recipe twice......

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BR: Sponge Cake For Passover

This is the first in a new series we are calling Baboushka’s Recipes (BR for short). Baboushka, or ба́бушка in Russian, means grandmother. In this series we will explore and save the recipes our grandparents brought with them or inherited from their parents. Kosher Hubby’s family is from Ukraine and Belarus and my family is from Poland, Ukraine, and Germany… so Baboushka seemed pretty appropriate. Okay! Here we go, our first vintage recipe. This is my great-grandmother’s Passover sponge cake recipe. I dug it out today (yes, Sunday, the day before Erev Pesach)......

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