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Your New Best Friend Has Your Back

My mom used to brag that from the time I could walk and had my balance, she made me carry my own ‘stuff.’ Wipes, diapers, blankey, etc. She got me a tiny backpack in the early 80’s and relieved herself of the burden of a diaper bag. I didn’t think it was silly, per se, but let’s say that I didn’t get it. Now I get it. Between my purse and lunch and workout clothes and his nap supplies, extra clothes, wipes, lunch, etc… and then carrying the wiggly toddler through the......

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Tis the Season (to get sick)

I always welcome the cold weather with trepidation. The seasons change and it is beautiful and all… but with the cold weather we welcome colds and the flu. Funny thing is, when I used to work for Ballet Nouveau, I used to get sick ALL THE TIME. I was around little ballerinas all day… little ballerinas with the sniffles who didn’t always wash their hands… And thus… I would get sick every year… several times a season. Now don’t get me wrong… I wash my hands. But maybe not always for long......

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