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Yummy Salmon Chowder

I found this Salmon Chowder recipe online at Woman’s Day and made it last night for the family. My husband was over the moon about it! He’s requested that it hit our regular rotation and I think he went back for thirds. At different points in our lives, we each did not keep strict kashrut and both quite enjoyed clam chowder. This recaptures a bit of that yummy decadent Northeast flavor. The recipe I used felt a bit unfinished so here is my updated version.   Creamy Salmon Chowder SERVES: 4 INGREDIENTS 1......

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Garlic Scape and Salmon Frittata

This is a summer favorite in the Kosher, She Eats kitchen. We grow our own garlic scapes and jalapeños and Kosher Hubby cold smokes his own salmon. (Yes, I know… overachievers.) One Sunday morning we decided to forgo our usual cheesey eggs (another KSE kitchen invention) and make frittatas with whatever was in our fridge. I will share the ‘recipe’ and preparation instructions below but first some ideas and explanations. What are garlic scapes? There are two main varieties of garlics and many sub-varieties. These two main varieties are hard-neck and soft-neck.......

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