The Early 1900’s in Color

I found this post just recently. My love of history is overwhelming but as I told a friend today, I always had an issue picturing the past in color. With all the images being in black and white, my young brain couldn’t fill in the colors. Well dear French-Jewish capitalist Albert Khan did that for me! He set out to capture images of the world. Ending up in 1929, at the time of the stock market crash with 180,000 meters of black and white film and 72,000 autochrome plates of color pictures from all over the world.

This blog has many of Kahn’s images on it – Early 1900s in Colour

And here are a few links to sites devoted to his work –
Albert Kahn Musee et Jardins
The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn

And for your viewing pleasure… I have included a few images here. A very special thank you to The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn for the images.

A stunning view of the Eiffel Tower

USA - The Plaza Hotel and Fifth Ave

Albert Kahn's portraits

Images from France during/after WWI

A little girl in France during/after WWI


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