The Engagement Interlude

The Engagement Interlude

Ever since I got engaged I noticed a few things.

First and foremost… I can’t think about anything for any period of time without wedding planning creeping into my brain… it’s like a bug… an awesome frilly, lacy bug… but a bug that distracts me from work. πŸ™‚

Next, the day after we got engaged, everyone immediately asked “So when is the wedding?” “Where are you getting married?” OY! I was still distracted by the shiny object on my ring finger… much less had started planning.

Then the oddest thing started happening… to both of us… people (mainly women) would come to us and say “Awww, congrats! Now, can you help me find a guy?” (or girl in the rare occasions that it was a guy asking) So as soon as we were off the market it was assumed that we had Rolodexes of men and women that we were hording. With the engagement ring comes the responsibility to release all the names of the eligible people we had been hiding so as to hedge our bets… I think it’s so funny. They wouldn’t dream of asking us before we were engaged but all’s fair now that we are attached… permanently.

After a few times Dan and I looked at each other and he said, “You know… this is a good idea! I wish I could help them out.” So we started trying to think of matches for these people. Heck, we are SO thankful to our friends for setting us up… why shouldn’t we do that for someone else.

Turns out… it’s a little harder than it looks. I really don’t want to make a bad match or have someone say “Did you REALLY think we would get along?” But at least I am aware of it now and I have started keeping a mental list of boys and girls in my head.

Now that we are a month into our engagement (!!!!) and wedding planning is well underway, I am getting TONS of people giving me wedding advice. Which is fun… and slightly annoying at the same time. So I just tried to solicit it all at once on my Facebook. I got some pretty good stuff which I intend to publish here at a later date.

Anyway, beyond all of this… being engaged to my best friend is the most amazing thing in the world. Stay tuned for wedding updates!


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