The Final and Official Iteration of My Capstone

Well…. here it is folks! The final edition of my Capstone. After an intense 10 weeks of writing and then 4 weeks prior of writing the proposal, it is complete.

Here is an excerpt from the paper –

Social media and inbound marketing have been on the receiving end of much
hype in the past five years. Due to the rapid growth of Internet usage,
companies find themselves needing to stay current and develop new
marketing tactics. This is especially true for companies whose product is the
content they deliver electronically through their Web site. The initial depiction
of online social media marketing as an easy and cheap/free solution has
proven to be inaccurate. Many companies find themselves lacking for a way
to measure successes with these new tactics that provides an accurate
picture of the success or failure of their online initiatives. This study surveyed
consumer behavior and evaluated extensive historical analytics with the
object of finding a uniform way to measure success. However, the outcome
proves that as of yet there are no definitive measurement tactics but there
are clear best practices to capitalize on success.

If you are interested in reading it in it’s full 57 page glory, use this link – Talia Davis Capstone

I welcome feedback and you are welcome to use parts of it as long as it is attributed to me!


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