Update to American Express Post

Update to American Express Post

A while ago, I posted a letter about our issues with American Express and United Airlines. You can read it here. Here is our update…

We were kindly contacted by some folks at Amex who put some of their best people on this situation. The agent who helped us was very kind and worked very hard for us. But it boils down to this, airlines are notoriously difficult and not interested in being the best at customer service. They were unable to do anything for us but did compensate us for being good customers.

Our issue now has been clarified. United Airlines customer service is atrocious. We initially called when we noticed the problem and after a significant amount of time on the phone, the customer service rep HUNG UP ON ME. Really? That is how you handle customers? When we asked how to resolve our issue they offer us two options: 1. pay hundreds of dollars and rebook tickets OR 2. put it in a type of mediation service that takes a long time and may or may not solve our issue in time to make it to the two weddings. What kind of choice is that? It’s a choice by a company that clearly could care LESS about us and our travel situation.

Our boycott now lays squarely at the feet of United Airlines. So in addition to our boycott, we recommended to my brother, who will be traveling a significant amount for his new job, to avoid United Airlines and recommend to his colleagues to do the same.


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