Why Spoof Twitter?

Why Spoof Twitter?

So the question remains… Why spoof twitter profiles? Why create twenty-three versions of me?

I gained a lot of insight into this issue from Gilad Lotan‘s recent article “Mining Twitter gold, at five bucks a pop.”

Buy followers_1

Buy followers_2

Buy followers_3


So for five bucks, I could buy 5,000 twitter followers… profiles like mine, that have been spoofed.

So now you have 5,000 more twitter followers. Congrats. Where does that get you? It doesn’t get you more engagement. Maybe it gets you more people following you but …

and I’m going to shout this …


You cannot buy success on social media. Really you can’t. If you try, you may find a bump for a short time but in the long term, you will not see an increase in sales or hits or any other TRUE measure of success.

Don’t measure your ROI by followers, fans, or likes. Measure your ROI by engagement and conversation. And… by not buying followers, you prevent identities from being stolen!


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